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Health & Safety Project Coordinator Standard Terms and Conditions

H1           General

H1.1       We will undertake the full duties as Health and Safety Project Coordinator as described in the appropriate Health and Safety Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016.

H1.2       We have assumed the administration of the project will be by your Architect or others.

H1.3       We have assumed all parties will cooperate and allow us to perform our duties. As Client you will ensure all members of your project team, including your contractor(s), will perform in the spirit of the Regulations.

H2           Fees

H2.1       We are registered for GST and the fee quotation does not include the amount of GST to be added.

H2.2       We will claim interim fees and disbursements on a regular basis. Our standard terms are for settlement within 21 days and we reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 1.5% per month. We reserve the right to withhold release of the Health and Safety File if fees are unpaid.

H2.3       We reserve the right to revise our fee by mutual agreement should the project change to any significant degree or should we become involved in significant abortive or re-design work.

H2.4       We ask for at least three weeks’ notice for the commencement of our duties however this may be reduced subject to prior joint agreement.

H2.5       Worked Time: Any time charge estimate within the proposal is subject to review once the full scope of the project is defined.  We will discuss and agree our level of involvement with you should there be any changes.  Unless specified, we have not allowed for attending all progress meetings but will be pleased to do so if requested on a time-charge basis.

H2.6       This proposal is valid for 6 weeks at which time we will reserve the right to update our proposal and programme.  If we have not received instructions after 3 months we will assume we will not be appointed and will close our HSPC enquiry.

H3           Exclusions: Unless specifically covered within our proposal, we would clarify that we have not allowed for:

H3.1       Attendance in the UK, especially related to the design of any specialist items which are typically designed by third parties, such as timber frames, engineered timber, balustrades, glazing, brise soleil, etc.

H3.2       Any duties in respect of any contractor’s temporary works.

H3.3       Any additional duties caused by the discovery of any unforeseen or adverse ground conditions or buried obstructions or defects within existing buildings, structures or drainage.

H3.4       Surveying the site or determining for the location of incoming utility services, arranging or directing building, asbestos or building services surveys.

H3.5       Performing HSPC duties on any external works beyond those described on the drawings.

H3.6       Attendance during each of the designers’ Design Risk Assessment meetings or other regular project / site / design meetings.